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Our Networks of Physicians and Hospitals

All physicians and hospitals that participate in one or more of the Harken Health (an independently operated affiliate of UnitedHealthcare) networks meet our credentialing requirements. These requirements comply with National Committee for Quality Assurance credentialing standards. All of our networks are evaluated regularly against our national availability standards. This process ensures we have enough physicians and hospitals in the right locations for our members. Our networks include primary care physicians and a broad range of specialist physicians.

In every local area we aim to have a network that includes enough physicians and hospitals that:

  • Are in the right locations to serve our members
  • Are willing to follow our policies
  • Are willing to contract with us at reasonable prices
  • Have worked with us successfully in the past to serve our members

*To determine which network you are enrolled in, please see your insurance ID card

About Provider Data

All practitioners and hospitals who are part of UHC’s networks must meet credentialing requirements. These requirements comply with National Committee for Quality Assurance credentialing standards. UHC reviews credentialing information provided by practitioners and hospitals before they become part of the network. Every three years, practitioners and hospitals must supply updated information to UHC, which is reviewed again. UHC verifies information that is supplied, such as where a physician received training and if the physician has a current license to practice. UHC instructs providers to notify us with updates at any time.

If you have any questions about your participating providers, please feel free to contact a Harken Health Membership Assistant at 800-797-9921 or the provider directly.

Demographic Information (change to UHC)

Except as noted below, physicians and health care professionals self-report and update upon UHC’s request the demographic information (name, address, phone number, gender, languages spoken, medical group affiliation, hospital affiliation, accepting current patients) displayed in the directory. UHC reviews all of this information at least every three years at the time of credentialing and recredentialing.


A specialty is the medical field in which a physician has training, such as orthopedics or cardiology. Physicians self-report their specialties, which UHC then verifies with external sources at the time of credentialing, recredentialing, and whenever a physician notifies UHC of a change.

Medical Group Affiliation

This refers to the name of the physician’s practice. It may be a group practice with other doctors.


This refers to the language(s) other than English that a physician or his/her clinical staff can speak to those needing medical care. This information is voluntarily reported by the physician to UHC at the time of the credentialing and recredentialing. A physician may notify UHC of changes at any time.

Board Certification

Board certification provides a trusted credential that is important to patients and relevant to physician practice. Physicians are Board certified if, after completing residency training in a specialty, they pass an exam and meet requirements established by their Board. Board certification is voluntary. UHC verifies this information with the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association when the physician first joins the network and at least every three years thereafter. You can see a physician´s current Board status by visiting or

Acceptance of New Patients

This indicates whether a physician is receiving new patients into his/her practice. Physicians self-report to UHC whether they are accepting new patients.

Hospital Affiliation

Hospital affiliation refers to a hospital where a particular physician may treat patients. Hospital affiliation is reported to UHC by the physician at the time of credentialing and recredentialing. A physician may notify UHC of changes at any time.

Hospital Information

UnitedHealthcare collects information about hospital names, locations, phone numbers, and accreditation before contracting with a hospital and at least every three years after recredentialing the hospital. All hospitals in the network must have met UHC’s Facility Site Visit Criteria and also must either have accreditation or have met the certification standards from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Accreditation means a hospital has undergone review by an external agency and met established standards. CMS Certification means a hospital has undergone review by CMS and met applicable certification standards. You can check the current accreditation status of hospitals by visiting the following sites:

Provider Information Disclaimer

Provider information contained in this directory is updated on a weekly basis and may have changed. Providers do change their network status from time to time, what is listed is the latest information we have from the provider. To receive a full provider directory or to confirm that a provider is participating in the Harken network, please call a Membership Assistant at, 1.800.797.9921.

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