A Revolutionary Approach to Health Care

At Harken Health we believe that everyone deserves to feel cared for, and we know that begins with relationships. By putting relationships and care first, and integrating health insurance, we are starting a health care revolution.

Welcome to the Health Care Revolution

For far too long, the health care system has valued efficiency over empathy. We believe that caring is the most important part of providing excellent health care. Our goal is to change what the world expects from health care, one community at a time.

At Harken Health our ambition is to make
health care human again through the power of:


We believe relationships are the single most important element in nurturing health. Harken Health Care Teams are made up of passionate doctors, nurse practitioners, health coaches and behavioral health specialists. These teams are empowered with time to focus on members rather than paperwork or limitations. We believe that when our members feel they are truly being heard and listened to, they are more likely to visit their primary care physician, which will lead to improved health. We measure health in terms of the whole life, helping people be strong in body, happy in relationships and positive in mind–not only in times of illness but in life’s good times as well.


Everyone deserves amazing care. But to realize that promise, you have to tear down barriers to access.  Harken Health Centers are conveniently located in the neighborhoods we serve. A simple and consistent experience that members can count on unites all we do: from coordinated care from a team of health professionals who get to know you, to friendly, helpful service a call away when you need it. Not only do we believe people want to be cared for, but we know that those working in the health field do so because they want to care for others. We have sought out these talented, empathetic and compassionate people to be a part of the Harken Health team.

Care + Insurance

At Harken Health, we offer a variety of insurance plans to meet the needs of employers, individuals and families. We've designed these plans to give all of our members access to excellent care–the kind of care that everyone deserves. Every Harken Health membership includes unlimited, $0 primary care visits to Harken Health Centers so members simply get to focus on what's important: getting and staying healthy.

Better Health Begins with Relationships

There was a time when our doctors knew us by name without looking at a chart. When health care wasn’t a system, but a group of people who were in our corner, actively helping us get better and stay that way. Yet business as usual has erased those connections, focusing on efficiency over empathy, illness over wellness, and profit over people–at the expense of the quality of the care we receive and our health overall.

We believe the answer to this problem starts with relationships, so we started from scratch and built a new kind of health care company. By bringing care and trust back in to health care, we think we can improve health outcomes, and ultimately, getting healthy is what will reduce the cost of health care.

Listening is our Foundation

Harken means to listen. Our name reflects our appreciation for listening: the foundation of good relationships. We believe that excellent health care starts with strong relationships, so we've built a model that allows Harken Health Center Care Teams time to listen and build genuine relationships with our members.

Insurance You Need

We offer a variety of competitively-priced health insurance plans to meet our members’ needs. Each plan includes unlimited primary care visits to Harken Health Centers and a personal Care Team.

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Care You Deserve

Our unique, team-based model removes traditional barriers to care, allowing Harken Health Center Care Teams to focus on our members’ lives and health, not paperwork.

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In Your Neighborhood

Harken Health Centers are woven into the local fabric, conveniently located where they’re most needed and staffed by people who reflect and understand the community they serve.

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