How Nutrition Coaching Can Change Your Relationship with Food

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with food. We love to eat foods that are fried, fatty, and let’s face it, not exactly good for us. Yet we hate what these foods do to our waistlines and our overall health.

Nutrition coaching can help you develop a healthier relationship with food and teach you the importance of a balanced diet. Harken Health Care Team members have expert training in the promotion of healthy eating habits and active lifestyles. Learn more about Harken Health Center health coaches here.

Eating, of course, is something all of us need to do in order to survive. It can feel great to nourish our bodies. But problems arise when we overdo it—eating too much or sometimes too little.

As a Harken Health member, your health coach can work with you to identify factors that negatively influence your diet. They can also help you modify behaviors so that you have control over poor eating habits and make healthier choices.

Here’s a look at ways that nutrition coaching can help you overcome some common dietary blunders:

The problem: You self-medicate with food. When something is eating at you, do you reach for something to eat as well? That is, do you seek solace in the kitchen whenever you feel anxious, stressed, bored, depressed or even happy? The problem with using food to soothe emotions is that the relief is temporary; the extra weight is not.

  • Nutrition fix: By identifying the emotions that drive you to devour that piece of cake or bag of chips, your health coach may suggest healthier alternatives for dealing with your feelings, such as taking a walk or calling a friend.

The problem: You can’t stop at one bowl of ice cream or two slices of pizza. In a country where everything is available in super size, many of us have forgotten what a healthy portion size should look like

  • Nutrition fix: It’s important to be a mindful eater and to learn proper portion sizes. The practice of mindful eating teaches you to pay attention to and savor the foods you choose to eat. When you slow down and enjoy a food, you will likely discover that you are satisfied with a smaller amount.

The problem: You can’t say no to something sweet (or salty, or pasta, or bread, or whatever)! Food cravings can bring on binge-eating episodes that can leave you feeling like you have reversed all of your great progress.

  • Nutrition fix: It’s not always necessary to say no to a craving. In fact, your health coach may say that giving in to a craving (in moderation) is okay sometimes. But if you’re going to have a real shot at conquering cravings, you need some tools to help. If you identify the behaviors, actions or emotions that precede a craving, you can make changes to halt the cravings before they take over.

It isn’t easy to improve poor eating habits and still enjoy the food you crave. Nutrition coaching can provide the extra support and encouragement you need to improve your diet, eating habits, and overall health.

At Harken Health Health Centers, your integrated health Care Team includes qualified health coaches who can provide nutrition advice. Harken Health is a new kind of health care company that unites access to relationship-based primary care with a range of competitively priced health insurance plan options. Visit Harken Health to learn more.




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