Meet Our Leaders


Stevan Garcia

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Stevan serves as Harken’s chief executive officer. Focused on building upon the company’s momentum, he’s a strong believer in the Harken mission to change what the world expects from health care. By leveraging his deep insurance knowledge, Stevan is focused on expanding Harken’s offerings to bring the company’s platform of insurance and access to care to a broader audience.


Hogai Nassery, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, Hogai has been practicing family medicine for nearly 20 years. An integral part of Harken’s launch working closely with its members and Care Teams, she helped bring the company’s relationship-based care model to life. As the Chief Medical Officer for Harken Health, Hogai oversees the overall care delivery at all 11 Harken Health Centers in Atlanta and Chicago.


Marcus Robinson

Vice President of Sales

As vice president of sales, Marcus leads all commercial sales efforts for Harken Health. Leveraging his experience in the industry, he facilitates work across all of the company’s divisions to drive sales growth and retention. Passionate about providing quality and accessible health insurance to people, Marcus was immediately enthralled by Harken’s unique care approach that connects insurance with primary care.


Jeff Shoemate

Chief Marketing Officer

As the chief marketing officer, Jeff is responsible for bringing the Harken story to life. An industry veteran, he leads the marketing team to ensure the company’s voice depicts its passion for caring for people. Jeff’s blend of experience within the consumer goods, health care and insurance industries gives him a unique perspective on how to educate potential members on the distinct differences and benefits that Harken’s access to relationship-based primary care and insurance offerings bring to the table. Jeff works closely with the entire Harken team to deliver the right messages to the best audiences.


Mike Stone

Chief Information Officer

As Harken’s chief information officer, Mike leveraged his 25 years of experience to build the company’s technology infrastructure. He is responsible for managing and growing all elements of technology that support the Harken Health member experience. From the phone system to the member website, Mike’s team has brought Harken’s focus on care to life through its information systems.


Chris Kent

Chief Operating Officer

With nearly two decades of business operations experience, Chris is the chief operating officer of Harken Health, leading all aspects of operations–including member/provider service, claim processing, appeal handling, prior authorization intake, billing enrollment and eligibility processing. Along with his team, Chris is responsible for developing and perfecting the Harken member experience outside of the Health Centers. He brings Harken’s commitment to empathy into all aspects of operations, beginning with the hiring process and training methods.


Liem Nguyen

Vice President of Product and Network

As the vice president of product and network, Liem is responsible for developing products and building Harken’s provider network. With 20 years of industry experience, he focuses on simplifying the healthcare experience that supports Harken’s unique relationship-based model of access to care and insurance. This focus includes developing Harken’s network of trusted specialists and hospitals.