Individual Gold Health Plan Details

Before Deductible is MetAfter Deductible is MetAfter Out-of-Pocket Max is Met
Primary Care Visit at Harken Health Centers$0$0$0
Specialist Visit (referral required) (per office visit)Full Price$0$0
Diagnostic Test (x-ray, blood work) (per service)Full Price$0$0
Major Imaging (CT/PET scans, MRIs) (per service)Full Price$250$0
Urgent Care (per visit)$100$100$0
Emergency Room Services (per visit)Full Price$500$0
Inpatient Hospital Stay (per stay)Full Price$1,000$0
Outpatient Surgery (per date of visit)Full Price$250$0

Download our plan brochures: Atlanta Plan Brochure or
Chicago Plan Brochure

Every Harken Member Enjoys
the Same Excellent Benefits

A Care Team to Lead and Coordinate Your Care

To ensure you get the care you need, your Care Team will refer you to trusted specialists and hospitals.

Local Network of Specialists and Hospitals

If you need care outside the Harken Health Center, your Harken insurance plan includes access to a network of specialists and hospitals.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Your Care Team can help you find the right medications covered by your insurance plan, at the lowest price possible. You can also refill your medications online.

Unlimited Primary Care Visits

All Harken Health memberships provide unlimited, $0 copay primary care visits to Harken Health Centers.