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What Makes
Harken Health Centers Different?

Health Centers

Warm and inviting Health Centers designed for your comfort.

Longer Appointments

Longer appointments to meet your needs.

Same-Day Care

Same or next-day appointments when you are sick.

Wellness Classes

Complimentary health and wellness classes & events.

Harken Health Member
Chicago, IL
“From day one they treated you with respect, that you're a person.”

Every Harken Health Center has a
Personal Care Team Dedicated to You

Harken Health Center Care Teams  are made up of doctors, health coaches, behavioral health specialists, and membership assistants who are committed to knowing you and helping you live a healthy, full life. Harken Health doctors make independent medical decisions to help you achieve your desired health outcomes.


Doctors and nurse practitioners provide you with excellent primary care.

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Health Coaches navigate and coordinate care to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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Behavioral Health Specialists help you work through life’s trying times.

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Membership Assistants provide support by phone to answer questions about your Harken Health plan.

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A New Kind of Doctors Office

Each Harken Health Center is available exclusively to members and is your homebase for health care. Come in for a visit, a cooking class or simply a cup of coffee. You're always welcome at a Harken Health Center.

The Core of Our Relationships

At Harken Health Centers, we put your health first by empowering your Care Team with time to listen, care and help. By truly listening, your doctors can fully understand your needs and help you achieve your health goals.

Right in your Neighborhood

Harken Health Centers are part of the local community, powered by people who live and work in the neighborhoods they serve. We're here for you.

Health Activities & Education

Members can stop in for health and wellness classes & events including Yoga, Accupuncture, Walking and Nutrition. See the Health and Wellness Class & Events Calendar for Atlanta or Chicago.