Wellness Resources - How Can your Harken Health Coach Assist with Nutrition?

Selecting the right foods for a healthy nutrition & meal plan is critical when you’re trying to lose weight, manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, or avoid ingredients because of food allergies or intolerances. With so many options to choose from at your local grocery store, figuring out the healthiest foods to eat can be a challenge. However, with the help of your health  coach  at your neighborhood-based Harken Health Center, shopping can be a breeze.

Food labels, for instance, are supposed to help you determine the amount of calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates and sugar in a food. But sometimes those labels can leave you scratching your head. This is where a health coach can help. If you haven’t met with a health coach or discussed nutrition plans with them, here is some general information to help you determine if you should schedule an appointment today.

Health coaches at Harken Health Centers can provide dietary advice, help promote healthy eating habits, help you put together a complete meal plan, and can tailor nutritional diets specific to your individual needs and tastes. Learn more about diet and nutrition resources available to you here.

Creating a nutrition plan with your health coach can have a positive effect on your life in many ways. Three benefits include:

  • Weight Control: If you’re trying to lose or gain weight, your health coach can develop an appropriate nutrition and meal plan that is designed for you according to your likes and dislikes, as well as your daily needs. There’s no point in adopting a weight loss plan that features foods that don’t please your taste buds or deprives you of foods that satisfy certain cravings. Your health coach takes these factors into account and makes sure you get the right amount of calories to help you stay full longer and the right nutrients to keep you strong.
  • Disease Management: People with high blood pressure need to watch their sodium intake, while those with diabetes need to pay attention to carbohydrates and sugar. If you have a food allergy or a condition like celiac disease, you need to avoid whole categories of foods and become a savvy reader of ingredient lists. Your health coach can show you how to read food labels and help you figure out ways to enjoy foods that won’t interfere with your diet. They can also recommend safe food substitutions to ensure a balanced diet.
  • Optimal Fitness: You would be surprised at how many people burn calories at the gym and then eat twice as much of all the wrong things when they get home. Your health coach can help you figure out what foods to eat after a workout so that you get the right mix of carbohydrates and protein. This helps you build more calorie-burning muscle.

A health coach can be a valuable asset to healthy living. Harken Health is a new kind of health care company that connects relationship-based primary care with a range of competitively-priced health insurance plan options. Visit Harken Health to learn more.



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Julie, a Health Coach at Harken Health in Austell, was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit. Before finishing her Bachelor’s degree at Central Michigan University in sports medicine/athletic training, she had the opportunity to complete an internship at Georgia Tech with the Sports Medicine Department where she fell in love with Atlanta. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Georgia and began her Master’s degree in health science, concentrating in nutrition at Georgia State University.

While at Georgia State, Julie taught nutrition and cooking classes to elementary and middle school students. Julie is passionate about helping people be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves and is excited to share that passion with others. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling and attempting to be successful with Pinterest projects.


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