Meet Your Membership Assistant

Help is Only a Phone Call Away

Membership Assistants are available to answer any of your questions about your Harken Health plan. They are a resource to help you locate information and connect the dots about your overall care. Membership Assistants are knowledgeable and caring people who are ready to help you on your care journey with Harken Health.

(Pictured: Jeremy, Membership Assistant – Eau Claire, WI)

The Role of a Membership Assistant

  • Help you understand your membership benefits.
  • Have time to answer all of your insurance questions.
  • Assist with locating in-network specialists.
  • Coordinate with your Care Team.
  • To reach a Membership Assistant please call 800.797.9921.
Harken Health Center Care Team
Clinical Team Manager, Atlanta, GA
“We're engaged in their health and we want them to be engaged in their health. And, together, it just makes a great team.”