Meet Your Care Provider

Doctors With Time for You

Harken Health Center doctors and nurse practitioners are empowered with the time to listen and build closer relationships with you. No more waiting 30 minutes for an 8-minute appointment with the doctor. Harken Health Center care providers will listen to your needs and engage with you face-to-face so you know you’re a person – not a number. Harken Health Center care providers are highly qualified and support a medical practice that puts member relationships and service quality first.

(Pictured: Hogai, Care Provider – Atlanta, GA)

The Role of a Primary Care Provider

  • Work with you and your Health Coach to develop a care action plan.
  • Take the time to learn about you and your whole health situation.
  • Treat you as a whole person instead of just treating your illness.
  • Be reached by phone 24/7 for unexpected needs.
  • Work closely with other Care Team members.
  • Care about you and your health.
Harken Health Center Care Team
Care Provider, Atlanta, GA
“With Harken, I feel that we’re doing health care the way it's supposed to be. We have the time to spend with people. We're not rushing members in and out.”