Your Personal Care Team

Care Teams build a relationship with you so that they can provide you with coordinated, whole person care: mind, body and spirit. Your Care Team makes independent medical decisions to help you achieve your desired health outcomes, managing your health needs both inside and outside of the Harken Health Center.

Harken Model

Every Harken member gets a personal Care Team who works together to
manage your care and help you achieve your best health outcomes.

Care Provider

Doctors and nurse practitioners provide you with excellent primary care.

Health Coach

Navigates and coordinates care to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Behavioral Health Specialist

Helps you work through life's trying times.

Membership Assistant

Provides support by phone to answer questions about your Harken Health plan.


A Personal Care Team Dedicated To
You and Your Health



Harken Health Member
Chicago, IL
“From day one they treated you with respect, that you're a person.”

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