Call Us First for Your Health and Wellness Needs

Research shows that people who receive care from primary care physicians are healthier, and that community and public health is better in areas with more primary care physicians.1 Unfortunately, instead of choosing a path of wellness centered on primary care, a growing number of insured Americans are turning to urgent care and retail clinics for non-urgent and/or routine medical needs.

A recent poll conducted by NPR, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reports that most people take this route because they believe it is more convenient and less time intensive. One in five said that at least once in the past two years, they were unable to see their primary physician because no appointments were available, the office was closed or the doctor was out of the office.2

One of the benefits to being a Harken Health member is same or next day appointments for urgent sick needs, and with our unlimited, $0 copay primary care visits, you can rest assured that any sick or well visit to our Centers is at no charge.* We also understand that sickness isn’t limited to office hours only. As a member, you have phone access to the Care Team, 24/7.  When those urgent needs arise, members can take comfort in knowing a Harken Health doctor or nurse practitioner is just a phone call away.

Care Teams at our Harken Health Centers are empowered with the time to listen and build authentic, compassionate, trusting relationships with members. And those relationships lead to better health outcomes. The reality is that the ER and urgent care clinic models are not constructed to emphasize ongoing primary care functions. They provide a large volume of medical services as quickly as possible to those that need immediate and/or quick attention. Due to the intended nature of these services, there is little time allotted for the provider and patient to create a personal relationship. Trips to urgent care facilities and ERs can also cost members copays that are unnecessary when a trip to your Harken Health Center is met with a $0 copay.

At Harken, we want to be your first call for all of your health and wellness needs.

Before you go to urgent care.

Before you ignore that rash for too long.

Before you start taking a new medication. 

Before you start a new diet.

Before you let stress get you down.

Before you see a specialist.

Harken Health is committed to the overall wellness of our members, whether that is a middle of the night illness, or a health or fitness goal you have made for yourself. We also offer members health and wellness classes and events aimed at treating the whole person.

*Certain labs and tests may incur additional costs. Please speak with your Care Team about any needed labs or tests.



1 Starfield, Starfield; Shi, Leiyu and Macinko, James (2005, September). Contribution of Primary Care to Health Systems and Health. Retrieved March 16, 2017 from

2 “Can’t Get In To See Your Doctor? Many Patients Turn To Urgent Care.” NPR


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